Chairman Message

an“Ambika School, which was inaugurated on 15th February on 2012. The school aims at the development of student of rural areas. It provides the best education and inspire children to rededicates themselves towards the sustenance of their basic value tradition. It is said that a school or college is a place where student learn their lesson by interacting with their teacher and friends. Teacher are always responsible for honoring the minds of their student igniting their curiosity and helping them to find the solution of their queries.

It is a great pleasure for me that Ambika school has given an opportunities to the student to devolve and show their art, drawing and writing to express their feeling and sentiments. I am happy to attribute the success of my school to my dedicating and competitive team of staff member, my wonderful student and the parents.

As the curtain falls, and the academic year ends, I look back with joy at the accomplishment of our school, where we have tirelessly preserved and carved a niche for ourselves by exemplary team work in academics and co-curricular activities.

We aim to strike a balance between co-curricular activities and academics so that our students do not lag behind, rather they showcase their skills and talents. The college is constantly trying to improve itself by bringing up innovative ideas in the fields of academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

Above all, I am greatly thankful to the almighty for his mercy and blessing upon us for running such as institution for the welfare of students of interior and areas.

May the banner of Ambika School keep flying higher, reaching greater height and adding new dimensions with each successive year.