Director Message

an2 Let me welcome and all, both the present and our prospective students and parents. This has been an eventful year, both with commencement of the school and our steps to establish ourselves and move ahead with a strong belief of hope, service and responsibility.

The word educate is perhaps the most misunderstood word. The word actually stems from the Latin word e- decree which literally means to bring out Teachers are the biggest asset to any school and truly are central and pivotal in their role as the facilitators in process of learning. It is they who provide the environment in the class for learning and instill the spark. We strongly encourage teachers to be updated with new strategies and are also duty bound to conduct such symposiums and workshops to train our teachers. The destiny of India it is said is now being shaped in her classrooms. It is paramount importance that the classroom organization, climate and management be taken up seriously so that the outcome, both scholastic output and social behavior of the student, be certainly brighter. Also equally important are the objective and comprehensive appraisal processes which identify their core strengths and areas of improvement. I am indeed proud of the children of today. Every student is blessed with their own inherent talents, likes and dislike. The school pays an important part in the life of a child. We are her provide them that environment to excel, both in academics and in extra-curricular activities including sports.

Our is a school which believes that every child is a potential genius. Knowledge is like a deep well, fed by pronominal springs and your mind is the bucket that you drop into it you will get as much as you can draw. Keeping these golden words in mind, the Ambika cannot school under takes to enable its student to imbibe the true essence of knowledge oriented as we all know a beautiful people at A.S.O.E we earnestly believes in happy students who shall make happy tomorrow.

The journey ahead is no doubt challenging but is exciting nevertheless. As we gear up to the new academic year, I am reminded of what Socrates said Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.